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Table Cleaner is a free online tool by R2H that cleans tables from Word and Excel so you can use clean tables on your website. Table Cleaner also cleans tables in HTML code and returns clean tables.

Table Cleaner allows you to copy/paste tables straight from

  • - Microsoft Word
  • - Microsoft Excel
  • - HTML Pages
  • - your HTML code editor

This beautiful free Bootstrap 3.1 website runs on

  • - Firefox 30.0+
  • - Google Chrome 30+
  • - Opera
  • - Safari
  • - Android web browsers
  • - even on Internet Explorer 10+
Have fun using it and share it on Twitter and Facebook to help other webdesigner in the war against dirty tables.

Webdevelopment credits


  • - Brabants (Dutch dialect): Richard van Tilborg
  • - Dutch: Michael Snoeren
  • - English: Michael Snoeren
  • - Francais: Christine Petit
You can also tribute by translating Table Cleaner into your own language (or dialect). Download the ini-file and instructions here and send it to
  • TableCleaner
  • Version 0.8b
  • Michael Snoeren
  • R2H Marketing & Internet Solutions

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