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  • J!3
  • PHP7

ImageManager for Joomla! allows you to move and rename images without losing the image-link in Articles and Custom HTML Modules. Simply drag & drop your images to restructure and clean-up your website. It also can list all unused images and delete them.

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  • Move images easily (drag & drop)
  • Easily rename images
  • Visual indication if an image is (or isn’t) used
  • Show where images are used
  • List all unused images and delete them
  • Search for images by name
  • Create, rename or delete folders
  • Replace spaces or underscores with hyphens (-) in file names with a batch action
  • Easy to use interface
  • And many more...

Moving and renaming images costs hours and hours of time (or sometimes even days). It takes many steps to get the job done. This can be frustrated when you have to work on a website you took over from someone else. Some websites can be fully loaded with poor-named images in the famous “/stories directory”. Restructuring and cleaning up the media folder isn’t a very popular job. Until now! Administrators, Online Marketeers and SEO experts can now use this great tool.

Website maintenance will be so much easier with ImageMover and it will save you a lot of precious time! Have Fun!

Provider Plugins

Provider plugins are the plugins that report images used and move your images around the right way for the specific extension. You'll need some depending on your website. Download extra providers here:

If you don't have much time, you can always start the one-minute tour in the ImageManager component after you have installed it. The tour will start automatically when you use ImageManager for the first time.

image manager drag and drop shown

Move images easily with drag & drop

Just click (and hold) an image and drag it to a folder in the left pane where the folder structure is shown. Release the mouse button to drop the image in the selected folder. When you want to move an image one level up in the folder structure, you can also drop the image in the folder with the "up arrow". Confirm this action when asked for.

You don't have to worry about checking all your Articles or Custom HTML Modules after moving an image. The image-links are changed for you. It's that simple!


Quick introduction

joomla image manager create folder

Click this button to create a new folder 'under' the folder you have selected in the left pane (where the folder structure is shown).

joomla image manager batch actions

Click this button to access the page with batch actions, like replacing spaces with dashes (-).

joomla image manager unused images

View a list of all unused images. By default this only applies to native Joomla! Articles, Custom HTML Modules and Custom Fields (J3.7+) but it can be extended with plugins for 3rd party extensions.

joomla image manager refresh

Click this button to refresh the overview with images.

joomla image manager generate thumbnails

Click this button to generate thumbnails of you images to speed up ImageManager (this will be done automatically after installation).

joomla image manager image finder

Click this button to find the location of images.

joomla image manager restore images

Click this button to restore deleted images from the archive. (The images aren't indexed by Google because there's no link to them.)

joomla image manager restart tour

Click this button to restart the tour to quickly discover the most important features.

joomla image manager options

Click the Options button to finetune the ImageManagers settings.

joomla image manager actions

These are the main features of the Action Button.




Move images with the Move button

image manager move image via button

Move an image by clicking on the Action Button (just below the thumbnail) and press Move. Select the folder you want to move the image/file to. Press the Move button.


Rename images with the Rename button

joomla image manager rename via button

Rename an image by clicking on the Action Button (just below the thumbnail) and press Rename. Rename the file and press the OK button.


Visual indication IF an image is (or isn’t) used

image manager image used or not colors

An image is not used* when a red dot (and red line) is shown. An image is used* when a green dot (and green line) is shown.

* Standard this only applies to native Joomla! Articles, Custom HTML Modules and Custom Fields (Joomla! 3.7 and higher). You can also view image usage information of other installed extensions by enabling third party extensions on the Plugins tab at the ImageManager Option Page.


Show image info and WHERE an image is used

image manager file usage info

If an image is used (indicated by a green dot) it is possible to see where the image is used. Just click The Action button and choose View Info & Usage. The pop-up not only shows the image information, but also a link so you can go directly to the Article or Module.


Show all unused images in a list

imagemanager - list of unused images in joomla

One of the great features of ImageManager is the list of unused images. Standard this only applies to native Joomla! Articles, Custom HTML Modules and Custom Fields (Joomla! 3.7 and higher). You can also view this usage information of other installed extensions by enabling third party extensions at the ImageManager-plugins option page.

Just click the Unused Images button for an overview. This may take a while depending on the number of images. Click Clean at the bottom of the list to "delete" the unused images. Actually, they are archived to a folder outside the /images folder so you can restore an image to it's previous location. When you click Clean you will get a warning first.

It's possible to view the image before deleting it and you can also uncheck the image to prevent it from deleting.

Before you delete images, make a backup! E.g. with Akeeba Backup.


Search image by name

joomla image manager find image by name

Do you know (part) of an image name but can't find it in the Joomla! backend? Use the Image FInder button and type the image name. Click Search and the names and locations will be shown.

  • 1.2.2

    - Updated code style.
    - Fixed small bugs.

    21-02-2020 10:23
  • 1.2.1

    # Bugfixes
    + Preparing for the 2.0 release.

    15-07-2019 10:49
  • 1.2.0


    04-06-2019 13:34
  • 1.1.2

    # Fixed memory issues when generating thumbnails

    12-02-2018 12:24
  • 1.1.1

    # Fixed dragging folders not showing the animations
    # Fixed the "restore images"-modal (not scrolling and restore button bugged)
    # Fixed the installer sometimes stopping due to bad images

    05-01-2018 09:23
  • 1.1.0

    + Added an option to specify the thumbnail cache
    + Added memory limit detection
    + Added update servers
    + Added "move folder"-feature
    + Added sorting options
    # Fixed Custom Fields plugin enabling itself on sites with no custom fields
    # Fixed manager not refreshing after thumbnail generation. Will only refresh if required
    # Fixed layout on smaller screens
    # Fixed language strings in the popover of the tour
    # Fixed visual bugs in the directory tree

    02-11-2017 12:05
  • 1.0.8

    # Fixed delete folder bug deleting all images as well
    # Fixed article plugin not finding images in intro- and full-images
    # Fixed article plugin unable to update intro- and full-text images

    09-05-2017 15:39
  • 1.0.7

    # Performace fixed; no recursive search

    09-05-2017 11:37
  • 1.0.6

    First version of ImageManager (formerly known as ImageMover)

    + Added sidebar toggles (cachable)
    + Added restoring archived images
    # Fixed drag n drop pointer
    # Fixed loader flash with css
    # Fixed aricle provider filter
    # Fixed loader not closing after loading
    # Fixed batch lowercase not working
    ^ Made the language strings more logical
    ^ Changed the thumbnail generation to Joomla! and removed WideImage
    ^ Code cleanup

    09-05-2017 11:36
  • 1.0.0

    First release of ImageManager for Joomla! 3.x (aka ImageMover)

    09-05-2017 11:32