ImageManager 2.x

ImageManager 2.x

  • Version 2.10.1
  • C
  • J!3
  • J!4
  • PHP7
ImageManager for Joomla! allows you to move and rename images without losing the image-link in Articles and Custom HTML Modules. Simply drag & drop your images to restructure and clean-up your website. It also can list all unused images and delete them.

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  • Move images easily (drag & drop)
  • Easily rename images
  • Visual indication if an image is (or isn’t) used
  • Show where images are used
  • List all unused images and delete them
  • Search for images by name
  • Create, rename or delete folders
  • Replace spaces or underscores with hyphens (-) in filenames with a batch action
  • Resize multiple images at once with a batch action
  • Compress image size of multiple images with a batch action
  • Easy to use interface
  • 2.10.1

    Fixed the indexer for files with multiple dots

    21-07-2023 16:35
  • 2.10.0

    Added option for files to get the link to the file.
    Fixed imagemanager for 3.x 

    06-06-2023 16:58
  • 2.9.0

    You can now resize an image with only width or the height filled in.

    Bug fixes:

    • Fixed the modals when on joomla 4.3.x

    • Fixed an missing translation in english

    • Added left to the queue message

    • Fixed error in the api when error messaging was on.

    01-06-2023 11:51
  • 2.8.4

    Issue with symlinks going to directory that is not visable for the current user

    12-05-2023 10:56
  • 2.8.3

    Fixed multiple files being displayed on directories

    16-03-2023 10:32
  • 2.8.2

    Fixed Label in German.
    Fixed the unused images where the table overflows the modal.
    Fixed issue where some directories in the exclude would prevend the directory from loading.

    09-03-2023 14:10
  • 2.8.0

    Added JCE move and rename support when the plugin is enabled (disabled by default).
    Added progressbar for index progress when opening ImageManager.

    Fixed Indexing of F2C when F2C is uninstalled.
    Fixed The sidebar ordering.
    Fixed Button of ImageManager to go to image directory and leaves the first spot empty.
    Fixed the json encoded images for the indexing of the database.

    02-02-2022 13:26
  • 2.7.6

    - Fixed index crash on PHP 8.1
    - Fixed indexer for widgetkit when widgetkit is not installed.

    04-01-2022 12:30
  • 2.7.5

    # Fixed encode and decoding of filepath in utf-8.
    # Fixed crach when a file or directory is opened when the file or directory is removed.

    12-11-2021 16:42
  • 2.7.4

    Fixed the loading of folder when there is a symlink in it.

    30-08-2021 14:37
  • 2.7.3

    Fixed a race condirtion for the index file.

    Fixed issue for cropping the images.

    13-08-2021 15:46
  • 2.7.2

    Added cli support for updating the index.

    Updated the general database support.

    Added support for widgetkit support.

    08-07-2021 16:40
  • 2.6.1

    Fixed the analyze for btch action resizing.
    Added column when the image must be done manually.

    12-05-2021 15:14
  • 2.6.0

    Fixed problem where the trash and cache directories were created next to the site root directory.
    Changed the card display sort and react faster.
    Updated the finder to display results during the search!
    Updated the Pexel import to use large version of the image instead of the original.
    Added support for Custom Field in articles

    10-05-2021 10:49
  • 2.5.1

    Added feedback and refresh when using pexels import.

    Fixed a server error when pexels has gives an invalid response.

    Updated the translations for fr-FR and de-DE.

    Fixed the error when installing imagemanager.

    07-04-2021 10:27
  • 2.5.0

    • You can now continue using the component during the indexing after the directory has been loaded.

    • You can change the time between indexing from successful completed to when the index should start. This include the loading screen when opening the component.

    • You can now import image from Pexel in you site.

    • The directory file count will only count until 1001 file have been found. This will be marked as 1000+.

    • The directory is now loaded in fragments of 250 files or directories by default.

    • The sidebar is loading the directories that are visible only, this includes the directories selection in batch and move action.

    • The queue has been moved from the session to a file.

    25-02-2021 12:35
  • 2.4.1

    # Fixed a bug where opening the image folder causes the "Loading the directory "images//" failed. It could be renamed or missing."

    11-02-2021 15:52
  • 2.4.0

    • Updated on the index action to the queue.

    • Updated on the index action for the database to single table

    • Added a visual number of index actions left when starting ImageManager

    • Updated the queue to process multi action in one request.

    • Added a logfor messages from the queue action when processed.

    • Added drag & drop to ImageManager! You can now upload a file directly into a folder without going to the upload tab.

    01-02-2021 15:36
  • 2.3.1

    Fixed Path formation when the JPATH_ROOT contains dots

    08-01-2021 17:19
  • 2.3.0

    - ImageManager is translated to French (Big thanks to Woluweb | Marc Dechèvre)

    - Exclude individual images from batch actions

    - Drag & drop multiple images

    - Undo drag & drop action

    - Boosting the speed to undo image deletion

    - Debugged unused images selection and deletion

    04-12-2020 17:10
  • 2.2.0

    Added sorting option in the batch modal when resizing and compressing images.

    Added resizing to actionlist for individual images.

    Added a second trash button in unused image above the list of unused images.

    Added empty trash button in trash overview.

    23-11-2020 09:22
  • 2.1.0


    • Added: batch action for image compression

    • Added: batch action for image resizing

    • Added: image size filter in the batch action

    • Added: storage of the original image (in trash folder) to undo resizing action

    • Added: dimensions filter for width and height when resizing.

    • Added: the image filesize when analyzing the images for compression

    • Added: the current image dimensions when analyzing the images for resizing

    • Added: the predicted image dimensions after resizing

    • Added "Show / Hide affected images"

    • Changed the "Show affected images" to a button

    • Changed the translation for image renaming

    • Changed the translation for "Action" to "Multi-image Actions"

    • Changed the image compression to a free service (thumbs up for reSmush)

    • Removed the TinyPNG/TinyJPG Key from the settings

    • Fixed: image renaming to prevent overriding a previous image.

    12-11-2020 14:22
  • 2.0.0

    ImageManager has been completely rewritten from scratch!

    17-08-2020 14:00
  • 1.2.2

    - Updated code style.
    - Fixed small bugs.

    21-02-2020 10:23
  • 1.2.1

    # Bugfixes
    + Preparing for the 2.0 release.

    15-07-2019 10:49
  • 1.2.0


    04-06-2019 13:34
  • 1.1.2

    # Fixed memory issues when generating thumbnails

    12-02-2018 12:24
  • 1.1.1

    # Fixed dragging folders not showing the animations
    # Fixed the "restore images"-modal (not scrolling and restore button bugged)
    # Fixed the installer sometimes stopping due to bad images

    05-01-2018 09:23
  • 1.1.0

    + Added an option to specify the thumbnail cache
    + Added memory limit detection
    + Added update servers
    + Added "move folder"-feature
    + Added sorting options
    # Fixed Custom Fields plugin enabling itself on sites with no custom fields
    # Fixed manager not refreshing after thumbnail generation. Will only refresh if required
    # Fixed layout on smaller screens
    # Fixed language strings in the popover of the tour
    # Fixed visual bugs in the directory tree

    02-11-2017 12:05
  • 1.0.8

    # Fixed delete folder bug deleting all images as well
    # Fixed article plugin not finding images in intro- and full-images
    # Fixed article plugin unable to update intro- and full-text images

    09-05-2017 15:39
  • 1.0.7

    # Performace fixed; no recursive search

    09-05-2017 11:37
  • 1.0.6

    First version of ImageManager (formerly known as ImageMover)

    + Added sidebar toggles (cachable)
    + Added restoring archived images
    # Fixed drag n drop pointer
    # Fixed loader flash with css
    # Fixed aricle provider filter
    # Fixed loader not closing after loading
    # Fixed batch lowercase not working
    ^ Made the language strings more logical
    ^ Changed the thumbnail generation to Joomla! and removed WideImage
    ^ Code cleanup

    09-05-2017 11:36
  • 1.0.0

    First release of ImageManager for Joomla! 3.x (aka ImageMover)

    09-05-2017 11:32